When we met in 2011 we were two mothers who shared a love of design and a passion to create. We had so many ideas of things we wanted to do, but how were we going to germinate those ideas from being dreams on paper into a reality? Our tastes were so similar we would joke that we were just like Peas in a Pod!

So, armed with a name and a bucket load of enthusiasm we set about creating the company. What started as a small stall at local coffee mornings has blossomed into a fully grown business, with our pieces being shipped worldwide from our base in Dubai and stocked in outlets in Europe and across the Middle East. As with growing any precious thing it has needed lots of nurturing and TLC. There have been obstacles from shipping logistics to how to find enough hours in the day to create art, run a company ,and be full time mothers to our children – but we have over come them and as Peas in a Pod continues to grow we know that the hard work and time spent tending our budding business was all worthwhile.

Creating artwork is as challenging as it is rewarding but we are driven by our desire to create beautiful pieces that become lasting memories. We constantly update and refresh our designs to produce things we would love to have on our walls – and hope you will too.

Ness and Rachael